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Understanding Deep Tissue Massages & How They Will Relieve Your Chronic Soreness June 27, 2017

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Understanding Deep Tissue Massages & How They Will Relieve Your Chronic Soreness , Manhattan, New York

Many people look to holistic healing and massage therapy to ease chronic soreness in their neck and back. One of the most effective forms of therapy is getting a deep tissue massage. This treatment can help address debilitating, chronic pain and discomfort by relieving tightness in your joints and reducing tension in your muscles to provide a wider range of motion and immediate pain relief. Many health experts recommend this massage for clients of all ages to heal pain and work on muscle-related injuries.

deep tissue massageA deep tissue massage is usually prescribed to those looking for relief from constant aching and soreness in their back. Whether your pain is caused by injury, stress or your workouts, a deep tissue massage will help reduce inflammation and ease the surrounding muscles.

This type of massage is intense, and clients may experience pain during the process, but it should be noted that the pain is temporary and necessary to achieve the desired results of the massage. The therapist will use slow, firm strokes to increase blood flow to the multiple layers of muscle and tissue that are in pain. The pressure allows tight, tense muscles to relax and stretch, which leads to an easier time moving, stretching and relaxing even when you’re sitting for long periods or working out.

Deep tissue massages are great for more than just relieving tension in the muscles and alleviating chronic pain. This type of holistic therapy reduces the stress surrounding the pain and encourages a healthy, relaxed mindset along with physical wellness.

By J Train

If you’re a resident of New York, NY, and in the market for a massage experience to relieve your chronic pain and soreness, consider getting a deep tissue massage at J Train. This team of health experts specializes in nutrition and massage therapy and can help clients understand the many health benefits of deep tissue massages. Visit them online for more information or give them a call at (212) 255-2570.


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