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Auto Maintenance 101: How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced? June 20, 2017

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Auto Maintenance 101: How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced? , High Point, North Carolina

With thousands of moving pieces working together to make your vehicle run, it can be overwhelming to try to understand how to keep it running smoothly. Auto maintenance, like keeping track of your spark plugs, is crucial. To avoid the need for serious auto repairs, it’s best to have your local mechanic inspect your spark plugs regularly.

As a general rule of thumb, drivers should look into auto maintenance for their spark plugs every 80,000 miles. While most models are designed to last up to 100,000 miles, the spark plugs can be mostly worn down before that time, which can lead to more severe problems.

auto maintenanceWhile it’s helpful to know when you should have your spark plugs replaced, there is no way to avoid the fact that some cars will show signs of deterioration much sooner than 80,000 miles. All drivers should make themselves aware of a few of the warning signs they need immediate auto maintenance for their spark plugs, starting with engine misfires. If you’ve noticed your car is lunging or sputtering, it’s likely the engine is misfiring, which can be dangerous. A similar red flag is if you hear a shuddering sound when the car is stopped.

Spark plugs can get dirty over time, which will eventually prevent them from delivering the necessary spark for your car to start. Unclean spark plugs can also lead to a steady increase in how much gas your car uses in a given week, as well as a noticeable sluggishness in your vehicle’s attempts to accelerate. All of these signs are indicative of a less-than-perfect spark plug and should be taken seriously. The best thing to do to avoid expensive auto repairs down the road is to have a mechanic take a look at your spark plugs as soon as there seems to be an issue.


If you’re a driver in High Point, NC, and are in the market for a stellar auto repair shop, work with the team at P & T Automotive Repair. Serving the community since 1986, this family-owned and -operated company has provided a wide range of auto maintenance services to keep each driver safe and their cars running efficiently. Visit them online or give them a call at (336) 869-8051.

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