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3 Ways to Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One at a Memorial Service June 21, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Ways to Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One at a Memorial Service , Cincinnati, Ohio

Losing a loved one is a tremendously emotional experience. You may feel stressed, overwhelmed, and even exhausted. Collecting and sharing memories is one of the best ways to cope with the pain and honor the deceased. W.E. Lusain Funeral Home helps families in Birmingham, AL, and Ohio create beautiful, meaningful memorial services. Their compassionate staff understands your loved one’s life is a significant step in the grieving process.

3 Ways to Celebrate the Life of the Deceased 

1. Create a Memory Table 

Sorting through your loved one’s possessions after they’ve passed can be an emotional, exhausting task. However, it’s also an opportunity for meaningful remembrance.

Think about your loved one’s hobbies and passions. Gather some of the items that were most important to them, such as a military uniform, paintings, book of poetry, or musical instrument. Display these items on a table at the entrance to the service. You may want to label each item with a small placard or card to explain its significance. You can also incorporate little things such as a bowl of their favorite candy or a plate of their favorite cookies and ask guests to help themselves. During the funeral planning, let friends and family members know they’re welcome to contribute items for the table. 

2. Write a Letter

memorial-service-Birmingham-ALMany grief counselors recommend writing a letter to the deceased as a way to cope with grief. It’s also become common for funeral directors or memorial service hosts to ask attendees to bring a letter to the departed. Writing can be a therapeutic exercise that allows people to let their emotions and thoughts flow freely. The letters may be placed in the casket or inside the urn. Some caskets come with drawers specifically for this purpose. 

3. Make Memorial Notecards 

Everyone will have their special memories of the deceased. Let them share these fond remembrances at the service by giving each person a memorial note card. You can make the cards yourself or purchase them online. You can ask the funeral director or life celebrant to hand out and collect the cards, or you can set them at a table near the entrance to the service. After the service, keep all of the cards in a safe place. These will provide a beautiful memorial of your loved one for generations to come. 
W.E. Lusain Funeral Home is committed to helping families through every step of the grief and funeral planning process. In addition to affordable funeral arrangements and memorial services, they provide cremations and casket sales, allowing you to take care of everything under one roof. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, call (205) 900-8334 for Birmingham, AL, (513) 381-4600 for Cincinnati, or (937) 443-2030 for their Dayton, OH, office. For a full list of prices and services, visit their website