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5 Ways to Prepare Your Child This Summer for Preschool in the Fall June 26, 2017

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Child This Summer for Preschool in the Fall , Creve Coeur, Missouri

Beginning preschool is an important milestone for a child. It marks their transition out of the toddler years and lays the groundwork for their academic life. You should do everything possible to ensure your child is prepared for this new and exciting adventure, and setting the tone this summer will ensure they're ready to go when the school year starts.

5 Steps for Preparing Kids for Preschool

1. Get on Schedule

When you enroll your child in preschool, request a schedule of the daily activities. In the weeks before they begin school, get your child on a schedule similar to the one they will follow as part of their class. Get them out of bed at the time they will need to be awake each day and plan lunch, snacks, and naps accordingly. By the time school begins, they will have adapted to the schedule and feel comfortable with the routine.

2. Visit the School

If possible, take your child to visit their school before classes begin. This will let them meet their teachers and become familiar with the setting. It also will help you get a feel for the preschool’s environment and educational programs. Many schools host orientation for new students, so check with your administrator.

3. Work on Reading

Preschool St. Louis MOMost early childhood education programs focus on mastering literacy, and it’s never too soon to encourage a love of reading. Choose age-appropriate materials from a bookstore or library and read with your child 10–15 minutes each day. These short sessions will expand your son or daughter’s vocabulary and instill an eagerness to read.

4. Go Over Basic Self-Help Skills

Try to master basic self-help skills with your child in the months before they begin preschool. Make sure they know how to fasten their shoes, feed and dress themselves, and use the bathroom on their own. These skills will increase their independence and ease the transition to school.

5. Take It Easy

It’s easy for a parent to get carried away when it comes to their child’s education. However, it’s important to rein yourself in for preschool. Children are overwhelmed easily, and putting too much academic pressure on them right away will overshadow the fun of the experience. Let them enjoy this new chapter in their life and leave the rigorous educational aspects for later years.


If you are searching for the perfect preschool for your child in the St. Louis, MO, area, turn to Lucky Lane Nursery School. They have been a part of the community for over 65 years and offer a broad range of kindergarten readiness and academic development programs. Call (314) 434-4462 to discuss enrollment or visit their website to apply. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for news from the early childhood education center.

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