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Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes With Advice From American Budget Movers December 18, 2014

Addison, Dallas County
Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes With Advice From American Budget Movers, Addison, Texas

No matter how prepared you think you are, moving day is going to present challenges you didn’t see coming. Many people attack the move with ruthless efficiency, planning months in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly. Still, small details are easily overlooked, and some of those details can grow into enormous problems. 

American Budget Movers, Dallas’s moving specialists, want to remind you of important, seemingly minor things to account for if you’re doing your move yourself:

  • Overloading the Truck. One rule of thumb to keep in mind is that just because you can somehow tie something to a vehicle, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. A pickup truck piled high with furniture held on with rope and luck might get all your belongings to your new home in one piece, but you’re courting trouble. If furniture comes loose it can cause a serious accident, and the extra weight could be the straw that breaks your truck’s back. If you have that much stuff with no access to a truck big enough, you should probably consider calling in the professionals.
  • Taking it All with You. As you begin packing, you’ll almost certainly run across stores of formerly important belongings you hadn’t thought about in years. For most people, this triggers an immediate reconnection with your belongings that makes you wonder how you could live without them. Trust us, you can. When you get to your new home, you’ll be stuffing your place with things you’ll almost certainly never use again. Take the opportunity to clear the clutter when you move, and make the process that much smoother.

A DIY move has many, many more pitfalls, which is why it’s always best to engage a professional mover. American Budget Movers offers moving services to all areas of Dallas and can handle long-term and even international moves. Visit their website to get a free quote now. They’ll make sure the truck is big enough.