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5 Tips for Maintaining Antique Furniture July 4, 2017

Kenwood, Sycamore
5 Tips for Maintaining Antique Furniture, Sycamore, Ohio

Keeping your antique furniture in good shape is essential to preserving both its aesthetic charm as well as its value. The experts at Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair have been serving the residents of Cincinnati, OH, since 1975, and know what it takes to keep your prized possessions looking new. 

Here they offer five tips to maintaining your antique furniture:

1. Use Soft Cleaning Tools

Furniture-Cincinnati-OHWhen cleaning your furniture, always use soft items, like microfiber cloths. Even seemingly harmless tools can easily damage your old wood or upholstery. For example, the broken feather from a feather duster can poke holes in furniture or scratch it, leaving a blemish that will detract from its value.

2. Keep It Away from Sunlight

Try not to position your antique furniture in areas that receive direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays wears out the fabric or finish and fades the material. If you choose to place items by or around a window, you can use curtains to diffuse the light.

3. Dust Metal Components

If your furniture has any metal components, like brass handles, avoid polishing them. Doing so will run you the risk of ruining the surrounding wood. Instead, simply dust them throughout the year.

4. Avoid Heating Vents

Don’t position your antique furniture adjacent to any heating vents. High temperatures loosen the glue and cause materials to condense and shrink. If you have a wood-burning stove or similar fixture in your home, keep the furniture away from that too.

5. Don’t Clean Stains Yourself

If you’re planning to restore your furniture or clean a stain, hire professionals. Without the right products, techniques, or experience with this type of work, you might damage the furniture.

If you want to learn more about maintenance or have damaged furniture, get in touch with the experts at Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair. Their services include everything from replacing small parts, like springs, to leather repair and custom upholstery application. Whatever your needs, they’ll help you keep your antiques in great condition for years to come. Contact them online to learn more about their services, or call (513) 984-1074 to make an appointment today.

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