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3 Important Tips for Proper Eyeglass Care August 10, 2017

Cold Spring, Campbell
3 Important Tips for Proper Eyeglass Care, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Proper care is imperative for keeping your eyeglasses in good condition and ensuring you always see clearly. Plus, you don’t want all that time you spent picking out frames to be in vain — so ensure this important investment actually lasts! Whether you have one pair or 10, follow the tips from Wing Eyecare in Cincinnati, OH, for keeping your prescription glasses clean, smudge-free, and undamaged for as long as possible.

Remember these three tips for the proper care of your eyeglasses:

  • Don’t Use Disposable Tissues: Save your tissues for your nose — they’re no good for eyeglasses. Instead, only wipe your glasses with specialized wipes or microfiber lens cloths, which will remove dirt and grease without smearing the glass. Even cotton cloths are better than tissues and paper towels, as these latter products are abrasive and can create tiny scratches.

  • eyeglassesAlways Store Eyeglasses in a Hard Case: Whenever you go to bed, bathe, or otherwise need to take off your glasses, keep them in their case. This will protect them from dust and ensure they don’t break if they accidentally fall down. It isn’t just the lenses that are vulnerable to impact, but the frames as well, which can easily become misaligned and stop fitting properly.

  • Stick to Water & Special Cleaning Solutions: They may be made of the same material as your windows, but your glasses shouldn’t use the same cleaning products. When cleaning them, always stick to warm soapy water or use a specially formulated eyeglass cleaner. Regular glass cleaner contains abrasive products, which can damage your eyeglasses’ protective lens coatings. Don’t use your own saliva either — it may be convenient, but saliva-borne bacteria could end up infecting your eyes.

If you need new eyeglasses or want to change your prescription, schedule an appointment at Wing Eyecare by calling them toll-free at (888) 274-9464. More information about their practice and locations is available on their website, and you can also find their team on Facebook.

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