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5 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Truck Professionally Washed & Detailed July 3, 2017

Lodi, Bergen County
5 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Truck Professionally Washed & Detailed, Lodi, New Jersey

Meant for long hauls and heavy lifting, commercial trucks face a lot of wear and tear, especially when compared to their smaller, consumer counterparts. When it comes time for cleaning and freshening them up, it's important to leave it up to the professionals for washing and detailing.

There are many reasons why taking your commercial truck to a professional service company is preferable, including:

  • Space: Washing any car requires a bit of space, especially if you don't want to spray water and soap on nearby vehicles. Considering the massive size of commercial trucks, sufficient space to properly clean them can be hard to come by on your own property.

  • Time: Anyone with a commercial truck is already likely to spend most of their time on the road. Even though washing and detailing your vehicle on your own could save you some money, never forget time is also a precious commodity. Having the professionals handle it can free up a significant portion from your busy schedule.

  • commercial truckProtection: Having your commercial truck professionally detailed goes beyond a beautiful sheen and a pristine interior — it's also about protection. When you're driving for hours on end in the bright sun, the ultraviolet rays can cause the paint to fade and peel. Luckily, properly applied car wax serves as a shield. As for the interior, regular deep cleaning maintains the upholstery and prevents the need for mending in the near future.

  • Supplies: The cleaning and detailing products available to consumers are generally not as a high-quality as those made for professionals. Even if you do happen to find some that suffice, given the size of a commercial truck, make sure you have enough.

  • Equipment: Achieving a thorough clean and a protective wax coating requires certain equipment. Although you may be able to rent what's necessary for deep cleaning the upholstery or buffing the wax correctly, if you're not familiar with them, you may end up wasting both time and money.


If you're in the New Jersey Tri-State area and your commercial truck is overdue for a professional wash and detailing, visit Goodyear Motors in Lodi. You can schedule an appointment by calling (800) 542-0978. Other than washing and detailing, they offer a variety of services, such as truck repairs, painting, chassis alterations, and specialized fabrications. If you’re looking for a replacement vehicle, Goodyear Motors also has a number of quality used trucks for sale. To preview their inventory, visit their website.