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5 Reasons Green Cleaning Products Are the Best Choice for Schools July 5, 2017

East Oak Hill, Austin
5 Reasons Green Cleaning Products Are the Best Choice for Schools, Austin, Texas

When it comes to keeping students in the classroom, the cleanliness of the school can make all the difference. Although chemical-based cleaners are effective, they don’t come without risks. Green cleaning products can effectively clean and sanitize your school without exposing your students and staff to the potentially hazardous chemicals found in most conventional cleaners.

JK Commercial Cleaning, the trusted janitorial services team in Austin, TX, explains a few reasons why green products are a better choice:

  • Contain Lower VOCs: VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are commonly found in paint, cleaners, floor waxes, and other products. These compounds can cause numerous health effects, ranging from asthma to nausea and lower your school’s indoor air quality. Green cleaners are formulated to reduce the number of VOCs, keeping your staff and your students safer.
  • Green cleaningKeep Your Students in the Classroom: Eco-friendly cleaning products are only as effective as traditional commercial cleaning supplies. This means you’ll create a safe, clean environment for your kids and teachers. The more time they can spend in the classroom, the more they’ll learn, which is great news for everyone.
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury to Staff: Most janitorial services use cleaning products multiple times each day. With conventional cleaners, they’re exposed to harsh chemicals that, if not handled properly, can cause injury. Eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies can be handled safely with minimal precautions. This means your staff will be safer if they need to spot clean messes throughout the week.
  • Preserves Your Facility: Chemical cleaners are abrasive and often damage the surfaces they’re used on. This increases your maintenance and replacement costs significantly. Green cleaning products provide powerful cleaning power without damaging your surfaces.
  • Improves the Environment: The harsh chemicals found in most industrial and commercial cleaners pollute the waterways and can damage the health of your local ecosystems. Eco-friendly green cleaning products help you reduce your school’s carbon footprint while keeping your grounds safe from contamination and pollution.


Don’t settle for standard commercial or industrial cleaning supplies. Let JK Commercial Cleaning help you find the best eco-friendly products to keep your school as clean as possible. Visit the website to learn more, and call (512) 228-1837 to speak with a member of the team.   

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