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Why Italian Food Is the Perfect Pre-Game Meal June 19, 2017

Westchester Village, Bronx
Why Italian Food Is the Perfect Pre-Game Meal, Bronx, New York

Italian food is among the most delicious cuisines on the planet, especially when it's hand-made with the perfect spices and time-tested cooking techniques. Fortunately, pasta dishes also have some incredible health benefits, especially for athletes looking for ways to boost their performance. When you're getting ready for a major race or big game, sitting down with a bowl of your favorite pasta dish will help ensure you have the energy you'll need.

Why Pasta Is the Perfect Power Food

italian foodYou've probably been told that you should avoid carbs, but for athletes who need to perform for hours on end, they're the perfect fuel. The human body essentially runs on glycogen, so doing your best on the field means having plenty of it on hand. Pasta and other Italian food are loaded with carbs, which gets broken down by your body and made into glycogen, which is then stored in your muscles. When you're on the field or the track, your body can draw on these energy reserves, giving you the energy you need to get to the finish line.

Benefits of Carbs Before a Game

Almost every athlete knows the terrible feeling of “hitting a wall,” suddenly running out of energy halfway through. What they're feeling is their body running out of glycogen and switching to fat and protein for the energy it needs. Unfortunately, these substances take much longer for your body to process, which means you'll feel lethargic and run-down, without the energy to go the extra mile. Storing glycogen in your muscles also prevents your body from using protein for energy, dedicating those resources to building and maintaining your tissues instead.


Whether you're prepping for the big game or just spending some time with friends, Emilio's of Morris Park offers the finest Italian food in the Bronx, crafted by experts who truly love what they do. Check out their menu online now, keep up with this local favorite on Twitter, or call (718) 822-6758 to place a delivery order today.

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