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When to Contact a Professional for Pest Control June 23, 2017

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When to Contact a Professional for Pest Control, Charlotte, North Carolina

You feel that you’re well-versed in squashing spiders and know how to avoid getting mice in the house, but there are some issues that are out of your hands. If you suspect that your pest control situation has taken on a life of its own, it’s time to call in a professional. Here are three ways to know if you’ve been taken over by unwelcome guests.

Home Damage

When you notice damage to your home or property, it’s time to seek professional help. Termites will eat through your home’s frame and leave wooden shavings in their place. Rodents can chew or claw their way through beams in your home as well. Preserve the integrity of your home by acting fast and calling in backup.

Alarming Sounds

pest controlEven if there are no visible signs of pests, it doesn’t mean there aren’t warnings. Do you ever hear strange scratching or clawing noises coming from inside your walls, under your home, or within your house’s roof? This audible clue means you could have a serious infestation on your hands, and an expert can help you find any nests.


Lastly, if you begin to see droppings or urine stains around your property, you could have home intruders. Not only will pest control services be able to identify what is leaving the waste behind, but they’ll also be able to eliminate the source, too.


Is your home or property in need of pest control services? If so, contact Killingsworth Environmental Home Services in Charlotte, NC. For more than 20 years, the team at Killingsworth Environmental Home Services has been able to rid countless homes of pests, repair HVAC systems, remove mold, and maintain plumbing and water filtration systems. For more information about the company’s offerings, visit their website or call (704) 563-8787 to speak with a representative.

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