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5 Signs Your Home Needs More Insulation June 16, 2017

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
5 Signs Your Home Needs More Insulation, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

When your house was built, construction contractors likely placed only the bare minimum of insulation required to meet the building code. Rather than allow your home to lose heat during the winter and absorb heat in the summer, Frank’s Roofing Solutions in Marietta, GA, recommends getting an energy audit of your home. Their team can protect your home from fluctuating weather conditions outside by identifying under-insulated areas.

How to Tell You Need More Insulation

1. High Utility Bills

If your heating and cooling bills are exceptionally high, you could be paying to offset a lack of insulation in your home. Install additional insulation in the walls, ceilings, and floors to create a reliable barrier between the outdoors and your interior.

2. Cold Floors, Ceilings, & Walls

Even if your home is moderately comfortable, cold air could be permeating through your floors, ceilings, and walls, which prevents your HVAC system from doing its job effectively. An easy solution is to contact an expert who can place additional blow-in insulation into these hard-to-access spaces.

3. Pest Problems

insulationRodents and insects can eat through the structure of your home and destroy insulation. If you’ve noticed scratching noises, foul odors or droppings, get your insulation inspected.

4. Roof Leaks

While insulation doesn’t keep all moisture out of your home, it certainly helps absorbs some of it. Contact a roofer when you experience a roof leak to replace ruined insulation to maintain your interior climate.

5. Frozen Pipes

During the wintertime, insulation helps keep your plumbing from freezing over. If your pipes are freezing every year, install additional insulation to prevent your pipes from bursting. 

Knowing how to detect these signs will ultimately save you money on your energy bills and make a huge difference in your family’s overall comfort. To take advantage of Frank’s Roofing Solutions’ extensive experience with insulation, call (678) 881-0001 or visit them online for a complete list of roofing and gutter services.