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3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Bowling Score June 16, 2017

Shelby, La Crosse County
3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Bowling Score, Shelby, Wisconsin

Improving your bowling skills requires a thorough understanding of the rules and tricks involved in the game. The staff at All Star Lanes & Banquets in La Crosse, WI, has helped countless local players foster their love for the game. Below, they share a few helpful tips for becoming a worthy competitor. 

3 Tips for Improving Your Bowling Score

Know Your Skill Level

BowlingYour bowling score is continuously going to suffer if you’re a novice trying to play at an expert level. A distinct difference between these stages is the balls’ weight, which gets heavier the higher up in skill level you go. The idea is to start out playing at the lowest skill level with lighter tools and to climb the proficiency ladder after learning the art of the game. 

Learn Scoring Rules

While hitting single pins helps push your score forward, learning how to get a strike can boost your standing significantly. Each strike adds 10 points to your tally and gives you an extra two turns to build on your score even further. The higher the number of strikes you’re able to achieve, the better your chances of reaching the top of the table become.


The age-old adage “Practice makes perfect” is the best way to describe what it takes to enhance your bowling scores. As a beginner, you’ll find it useful to practice releasing the ball in a straight line and hitting the target. Those playing at a higher level should experiment with a multitude of releases and sharpen their skills for upcoming tournaments at their local alley.

Residents of La Crosse frequent All Star Lanes & Banquets to display and build on their bowling prowess. Learn more about the facilities this bowling alley has to offer by calling (608) 788-7827 or visiting their website.

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