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Kitchen Remodeling Experts Share Different Decorating Styles June 22, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
Kitchen Remodeling Experts Share Different Decorating Styles, Rochester, New York

What’s your decorating style? While it’s easy enough to determine colors and designs that you may like, there’s a certain depth involved in home renovation that requires a bit more specification. When you’re working on a kitchen remodeling project, for example, you’ll need to really hone in on the finer details to develop the kitchen of your dreams.

The best way to reach the point where you’re confident that you’ve chosen the right kitchen remodeling elements is to simply take in your many options. Here are a few common home decorating styles:

  • Minimalist: Low key and understated, minimalist styles often evoke a chic spirit. Their focus is specifically on simplicity. You may favor neutral color palettes, hardwood floors, and clean lines. The concept behind minimalism is decidedly unfussy, so over-the-top décor and accents are typically not included in this scheme.
  • Contemporary: Simply put, contemporary style is hot, now, and new. It’s precisely what is popular in the moment, and for that reason it, tends to evolve rather quickly. Unusual shapes, asymmetry, open-plan spaces, and green living trends are examples of contemporary design elements. Colors run the gamut from light to dark.
  • Webster, NY kitchen remodelingModern: By comparison, modern styles are sleek and clean. They actually define a specific design movement that began in the 1920s and continued through the ‘50s. Colors lean natural, although it’s not unusual to introduce a pop of something bright to the mix. The look is fresh, and though it’s not as sparse as minimalist styles, it does tend to be plain and unadorned overall.
  • Rustic: If you love nature and all that it embodies, chances are you’re a rustic style fiend at heart. This look is rugged and earthy, with warm colors and elements of wood and stone used generously throughout. Décor choices are traditionally natural—you may favor soft linens and rattan seating.
  • Industrial: Think utilitarian, functional, and a bit warehouse-like if you favor an industrial look. It’s not exactly polished—in fact, some may deem it a bit “undone.” Yet the look is strongly chic nonetheless, with its abundance of metals, stainless steel, and vintage furnishings. You may favor exposed beams or pipes on the ceiling, and décor such as indoor ladders and copper accessories complete the look.

Once you’ve narrowed down your preference, your home remodeling project can truly come to life. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, choosing new countertops, or installing a new vanity, your decorating style will play a strong role in the end result.


Arrow Kitchens & Bath is the leading kitchen remodeling company in Webster, NY. You can rely on this family-run home remodeling group to bring your vision to life. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their services, or call (585) 670-9910 to speak with a representative.

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