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What to Bring to Your First Bookkeeping Services Meeting June 9, 2017

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What to Bring to Your First Bookkeeping Services Meeting, Queen Creek, Arizona

Bookkeeping services help you manage your company’s finances by keeping track of income and expenditures. Working with a CPA to fulfill your needs can also make it easier to prepare for tax season. Small business owners in Chandler, AZ, count on Steven M. Vogt, C.P.A., to help them organize their operation and plan for the future. Whether you’re just starting your business or experiencing a period of growth, contracting a professional bookkeeper will put you in a stronger financial position. If you’re meeting with an expert for the first time, there are a few pieces of information you need to bring.

Tax Documents

bookkeeping services Chandler AZBring your business’s tax paperwork, including all forms related to your entity type, general business expenses, estimated taxes, and employment taxes. If possible, compile documents from the previous five years to show how your business was formed and how it grew over time. This information helps your bookkeeper understand how much money your company brings in and can even help them recommend tax services that will benefit you and your employees.

Loan Statements

Debt is a significant part of your financial portrait. Depending on the type, you may need to pay fees, which can cost your business money, or it can make you eligible for tax breaks because you are investing in your company. When meeting with a CPA, bring all relevant documentation, including a mortgage or long-term property lease and small business loans for major equipment purchases, capital improvements, or new construction. Your bookkeeping service will help you keep track of your payments, so your debt doesn’t overwhelm your company’s finances.

List of Goals

Combining your bookkeeping services with general business accounting can help you achieve your goals. Since your service provider understands your daily and monthly expenses as well as your company’s history, they can help you develop a plan for sustainable growth. Writing a list of goals and concerns before your meeting is a great starting point for a productive dialogue.

The right bookkeeping service can transform the way you do business and manage your company’s finances. The professionals at Steven M. Vogt, C.P.A. are dedicated to providing personalized service that helps their clients get organized and prepare for success. Call (480) 732-9898 to schedule a consultation and visit their website and Facebook page for more information.

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