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Auto Maintenance Advice: How Often Should My Hoses Be Checked? June 28, 2017

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Auto Maintenance Advice: How Often Should My Hoses Be Checked?, High Point, North Carolina

Your car has a number of hoses that deliver various types of vital fluid to the steering rack, calipers, and engine. These rubber hoses can’t last forever, and over time, they experience wear and tear. One key part of auto maintenance is having these hoses inspected regularly.  

P & T Automotive Repair in High Point, NC, provides a variety of repair and maintenance services, from auto inspection to windshield repair. Below, the auto maintenance pros share tips on how often you need to have your hoses checked for potential replacement:

  • Read the Vehicle User Manual: Your manual may provide a clear guide for how frequently your hoses should be checked and replaced. In general, manufacturers and automakers recommend having hoses checked every 3,000 miles or at each oil change and replacing them approximately every four years.

  • auto maintenanceConsider Your Vehicle Usage: If you drive your car more frequently than average, you should have your hoses checked even more frequently. More mileage on a vehicle means hoses break down quicker.

  • Know the Warning Signs: Your service technician can usually tell from a visual inspection if your hoses are experiencing issues. They may mention cracking, bubbling or bulging, stiffness, and even spots with kinks. Your technician may also touch the hoses to ensure they’re soft and flexible rather than brittle. Listen to your technician—if a hose is beginning to fail, it’s better to replace than wait for the inevitable.

  • Be Alert for Changes: Sometimes, hoses appear fine on the outside but are deteriorating from the inside. If you notice grinding or squealing sounds, feel vibrations or slips, or your vehicle has a loss of power, alert your service technician immediately. 

When it comes to auto maintenance, it’s better to be proactive. Along with having your car’s hoses inspected, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection for your entire vehicle. The team at P & T Automotive Repair are happy to take care of all your maintenance needs. Call (336) 869-8051 today to make an appointment, or visit them online to learn more about the services they offer. 

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