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The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Service & Repair June 15, 2017

Hudson, St. Croix
The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Service & Repair , Hudson, Wisconsin

Many homeowners love the challenge of doing a project themselves. In some cases, the DIY approach can even help you save time and money. However, some projects are too risky to take on by yourself. When it comes to garage door service and repair, you need a professional contractor to protect both you and your property. This guide outlines the most common risks associated with this type of project.

1. Falling Garage Doors

Whether your door is made of wood or steel, it weighs hundreds of pounds. If it comes crashing down while you are working, you are at risk for serious injury and possibly damaging the door beyond repair.

2. Broken Spring Accidents

garage door service and repair St. Paul MNGarage doors use either extension or torsion as their lift system. Extension springs stretch horizontally across your the door opening and are full of intense mechanical energy. If you attempt to repair or replace one on your own, the spring may break and unravel, hitting you in the face, arms, or chest at an extremely high speed. Not having the sufficient expertise or protection can result in a deadly outcome.

3. Making the Problem Worse

Physical safety should be your primary concern during any DIY project, but you also have to weigh the risk of making a problem worse—and more expensive to fix. Garage door repairs are complex because they often involve multiple mechanical and electrical systems, so they should not be attempted unless you have years of experience. Hiring a professional contractor for your garage door service and repair not only keeps you safe, but it also saves time and money.


Tackling a DIY project should be fun and exciting, not dangerous. The next time you need garage door service and repair, let the team at AA Garage Door handle everything. With locations in St. Paul, MN, and Hudson, WI, they make it easy and convenient to get the service you need for a fair price. Call (715) 220-4823 or visit the company’s website to schedule your consultation.