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Top Ways Recycling & Donating Benefits the Environment July 21, 2017

West End, Tacoma
Top Ways Recycling & Donating Benefits the Environment, Tacoma, Washington

Whether you’ve just completed a major construction project or at-home cleanup, you need a reliable haul service to take care of your waste. Before throwing everything in the trash, though, be conscious of the environment by recycling and donating as much as possible. At EZ-Haulers in Tacoma, WA, their team understands the advantages recycling brings. 

Landfills across the world continue to pile up with metals, appliances, and harmful chemicals that emit toxins into the air and damage the natural environment. Scrap cars, old bottles, and rubber tires, for example, are easily recyclable items that are also commonly found in landfills. Rather than piling up and collecting space, recycling ensures these items will be used for years to come, which also curbs production costs.

recycling-donatingCurbing production means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for global warming. One of these gasses, CO2, has been found to have a negative impact on decision making and cognition in humans. By cutting harmful CO2 from the atmosphere, you also help preserve the natural environment for future generations. From animals to trees to your great, great grandchildren, recycling helps benefit the earth’s forests, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

In fact, simply recycling aluminum cans saves up to 95% of the energy necessary to create those cans from scratch. Just one glass bottle going through the process saves enough energy to power a light bulb for four hours

When you have a huge project on your hands, it may feel tempting to haul everything straight to the dump. However, you can have a trash, recycling, and donating service come straight to your door. All you need to do is sort the items beforehand, and EZ-Haulers will take care of the rest.

To learn more about recycling and donating in Tacoma, contact the team from EZ-Haulers today. The garbage and recycling pick-up service would be happy to take your junk off your hands—call today at (253) 310-3265 or contact them online