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Supporting Families of Seniors Transitioning to a Nursing Home June 26, 2017

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Supporting Families of Seniors Transitioning to a Nursing Home, Freedom, Wisconsin

Placing an elderly relative in a nursing home can be emotionally challenging and stressful for any family. Being able to provide the right kind of support to all of your family members should help them get through the process a lot easier.

Country Villa Assisted Living is the most trusted nursing home in Freedom and Pulaski, WI. They are dedicated to providing superior care to help seniors transition smoothly to a life away from their homes and families. Below, their experts discuss how you can support your loved one as they go through this unfamiliar situation.

During the Transition

You and your family will need to undergo extensive interviews to help staff members identify the immediate and long-term needs of your elderly loved one. This is where family members are usually faced with a lot of emotional roadblocks, such as guilt and separation anxiety. You and your family members must be as transparent as possible regarding your loved one’s social and medical history so your chosen facility can provide superior care designed around your senior’s unique set of requirements.

Long-Term Approach

nursing homeBeing involved in your elderly loved one’s needs while they are under assisted living care can help everyone get more accustomed to the new living arrangement. Attending monthly meetings and participating in care planning is the best way to make this new environment work for both the residents and their relatives. Reaching out to seek assistance in addressing persistent feelings of guilt or despair will help everyone come to terms with the idea of assisted living.

Relinquishing one’s duties of caring for an ailing or aging loved one is not an easy decision to make. But with the right planning and support, the transition can be made a bit easier. For those looking for a compassionate nursing home that can provide you with the support you need, turn to Country Villa Assisted Living in Freedom and Pulaski, WI. Give them a call at (920) 422-4620 for their Freedom location or (920) 822-2040 for the Pulaski facility. You can also visit their website to learn more about their elderly care program.

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