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Expert Mechanics Explain How Anti-Lock Brake Systems Work July 20, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Expert Mechanics Explain How Anti-Lock Brake Systems Work, Anchorage, Alaska

Modern braking systems include some life-saving technological advancements, allowing drivers to stop on even slippery, icy roads. One of the most important innovations is the anti-lock braking system (ABS), which prevents your car from skidding and gives you more traction when you need it most. Because ABS allows you to keep control of your car in dangerous conditions, it's important to see a mechanic if you notice a problem with this vital system.

How ABS Works

To keep your wheels from locking up, the ABS features a speed sensor in each wheel, along with a valve attached to each brake line. A master controller system monitors the speed of each wheel, looking for sudden deceleration that could send you skidding out of control. If it senses a sudden stop the car can't handle, the car triggers the valves located in the brake lines, which reduce the pressure in the brake system until the computer senses an acceleration and re-opens the valve.

mechanicThe ABS  works on the same principle as pumping brakes instead of slamming on them, but because it's computer controlled it can be much faster and more precise. In some instances, your ABS may be capable of cycling up to 15 times per second, keeping your wheels very near the point of locking up so you still have control.

Common Signs of Failing ABS

If you have to stop suddenly and your wheels lock up, a problem with some component of your ABS may be to blame. Most issues will trigger an ABS warning light on your dash, which you should have checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible. After all, your brakes are the single most important safety feature your car has.



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