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How Teen Tours Can Improve Your Chances for College Admissions June 13, 2017

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How Teen Tours Can Improve Your Chances for College Admissions , White Plains, New York

Colleges and universities are becoming more selective than ever, so details like what you did over the summer can give your application a competitive edge. Zeal Adventure & Travel in White Plains, NY, specializes in teen tours that bolster kids’ independence, expose them to new parts of the world, and encourage them to participate in meaningful service activities. These goals not only make you a well-rounded individual, but they can also help you gain acceptance to the college of your choice.

Helps You Use Your Time Productively

In addition to their grades and test scores, admissions committees look at an applicant’s extracurricular activities—and that includes summer breaks. Education experts believe the time between school years should be treated like a gap between jobs. When you use your time productively, you become a more attractive college applicant.

teen tours White Plains NYTo help high school students make the most of their summer, Zeal Adventure & Travel offers teen tours in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, creating small travel groups that give participants the opportunity to explore the world and make friends. The tours focus on personal development, cultural immersion, and, of course, fun. Whether you’re exploring the glaciers of Alaska and Canada or scuba diving in the clear waters of Oahu, you’ll experience the local culture, including food and social traditions. You will also have the chance to explore the area’s natural wonders and see native flora and fauna.

Shows Your Commitment to Exploration & Growth

When you interview at prospective schools, focusing on specialized activities like student travel programs show you are interested in educational experiences beyond the classroom. If academics aren’t your best area, talking about your summer tour can improve your chances of acceptance.

Participating in a teen tour shows you sought out ways to learn and grow during your time out of school. You will also form bonds with counselors and tour guides you can list as references on your application; they may even be willing to write letters of recommendation on your behalf.

Application season is starting soon, so it’s time to find a summer activity that will help yours stand out. Join Zeal Adventure & Travel for a teen tour that shows you the world and helps you grow as an individual. Visit the company online or call (844) 282-9325 to learn more about their teen summer trips.