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4 Dog Grooming Tips for Your New Puppy June 14, 2017

Mulberry, Miami
4 Dog Grooming Tips for Your New Puppy, Miami, Ohio

If you recently got a new puppy, Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH, recommends getting them used to grooming as soon as possible. Simple dog grooming can be easily accomplished at home, and it’s best to get your new puppy used to these regular experiences while they’re young. When your pup needs a good scrub, a coat trim, or any other professional services, however, the experts at Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting are ready to help. 

For those of you who don’t know how to go about washing your pup, check out the following dog grooming tips for young pooches:

  • Give Them Treats Throughout: An important part of the grooming process, especially when your pup is young, is to reward them for good behavior. The easiest way to do this is to give them treats throughout, and praise them verbally for behaving in the bath.
  • Look out for Parasites & Infections: As you’re brushing and washing them, be on the lookout for fleas, ticks, infections and skin problems. If you see anything of concern, visit your veterinarian.
  • groomingUse Warm Water With Shampoo: Outdoor water can often be too cold for puppies— instead, bring them into the bathroom and run a bath with warm water. Once you’ve made sure it’s not too hot or cold, apply pet shampoo, scrub thoroughly and rinse.
  • Be Careful When Trimming Nails: While this is one of the most difficult tasks of dog grooming, you can complete the task with the right tools and a little patience. As you’re cutting, be careful not to cut them too short, as this can cause your pup pain and can even lead to bleeding.

Of course, if you’d rather put your dog in the hands of an expert groomer, Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting always accepts new pets. To learn more about their dog grooming and boarding facilities, call (513) 831-9457 or visit them online for a complete list of products and services.

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