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Leadership Development: Determining Whether You Want to Be a Boss or a Leader July 5, 2017

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Leadership Development: Determining Whether You Want to Be a Boss or a Leader, Irvine-Lake Forest, California

If you have recently been given responsibility for leading a team, you may be evaluating the type of manager you want to be. As a member of the senior staff, it is important that the employees who work with you respect and trust you enough to follow your lead. To get them to do so, you must combine your experience, interpersonal skills, and overall knowledge of your field. Additionally, you must also decide whether you want to be a boss or a leader.

Below, the leadership development experts from Crestcom SoCal in Southern California help to explain the differences between a boss and a leader, and which approach is most effective in earning the respect of employees. Read on for help in figuring out the right way to manage your team. 


A boss is someone who takes charge of the office and employees. They tend to assert their authority over their employees and emphasize their distinction in rank. Generally, a boss takes a more aggressive stance and orders employees around, offering ultimatums if subordinates do not comply with orders. A boss may also use manipulation tactics and try to pit employees against one another, forcing them to compete over projects and promotions.


leadership developmentIn theory, a leader holds the same position as a boss. However, the manner in which they treat their employees and use their power is notably different. A leader encourages teamwork and camaraderie among employees. They ensure their employees have development plans in place to meet their long-term goals, always keeping their employees’ best interests in mind. While a leader is not afraid to correct an employee’s mistakes, they are also keen to avoid aggressively reprimanding their subordinates. A leader is always transparent and straightforward, preferring to remain honest rather than resorting to mind games and unnecessary obstacles.

Which Is Most Effective?

A boss and a leader may both get the job done, but the manner in which they achieve their goals is vastly different. A boss will likely be able to intimidate their employees into obedience, but will struggle to achieve their loyalty. A leader, on the other hand, will earn the respect and trust of their employees and develop a team that gets more done.

It is important to remember that developing leadership skills is a process, and you may not know what to do off the bat. Fortunately, there are a number of leadership development workshops and leadership training programs to help you along your journey. If you are interested in taking a leadership development course, contact Crestcom SoCal at (619) 204-9130 to schedule your workshop. For information on their other programs including sales training, visit them online.

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