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4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Replacement Windows June 19, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Replacement Windows , Lincoln, Nebraska

If you are shopping for high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows for your home, it is important to know which questions to ask so you can purchase the best products available. To ensure you receive the best window replacement experience possible, keep the following considerations in mind.

Shopping for Replacement Windows: 4 Questions to Ask 

1. Are the Windows Energy-Efficient? 

To determine whether your favorite windows are energy-efficient, inquire about the product’s U-factor, which refers to the amount of heat that flows through. Windows with lower U-factors are better at reducing heating and cooling costs. Additionally, inquire about Argon and Krypton gas options. Both gases offer more resistance to the transfer of heat and cold, which results in increased energy efficiency and decreased utility expenses. 

2. Do They Block Solar Radiation? 

replacement windowsIt is important to block as much solar radiation from entering your home as possible. Certain windows allow less radiation to pass through than others. Ask for window models with low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) numbers to ensure that your home’s solar heat gain is minimal. 

3. Do They Come With a Warranty? 

Find out which models are covered by a warranty, how long the warranty lasts, and if the terms are transferable. Quality warranties are transferable to the next homeowner, so the windows always retain their value and provide a return on investment during a sale. 

4. Are They Manufactured Well? 

Ask about the windows’ manufacturer, where the manufacturer is located, and the turnaround time to receive the products. The best manufacturers have a variety of models to appeal to a broad range of consumers. 


If you are seeking quality replacement windows with excellent warranties, call Innovations Siding & Windows in Lincoln, NE. Family-owned and -operated, they pride themselves on providing state-of-the-art windows for every homeowner’s needs, complete with the proficient installation that makes every project worthwhile. To get started, give them a call at (402) 423-­8831. For more information about their services and product options, visit their website

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