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Buying Used Cars: Top 4 FAQs Answered June 22, 2017

Bond Hill, Cincinnati
Buying Used Cars: Top 4 FAQs Answered, Cincinnati, Ohio

Many used cars offer similar capabilities and performance features to newly released models, making it relatively simple to find the ride of your dreams at an affordable price. From inspecting vehicle condition to filling out paperwork, you probably have several questions about the buying process. Luckily, the team at Alford Motors has the answers. Based in Cincinnati, OH, the dealership carries an extensive fleet of certified pre-owned cars for sale. Below, Cincinnati’s auto sales specialists share answers to frequently asked questions about buying used cars.

Guide to Buying Used Cars: Answers to Four Common Questions

How Can I Check Vehicle Condition?

used carsWhether buying from a used car dealership or private seller, you should always ask for a detailed vehicle history report. This is the easiest way to verify car condition. The document includes accident and damage history, as well as mileage estimates.

What Paperwork Do I Need?

Specific requirements vary from state to state, but all private car sellers need to submit certain documents to the new owner during the sales transaction. In Ohio, the seller must provide a notarized copy of the vehicle title, signed by all owners. The paperwork should also include the purchase price. If this information is missing, or you buy the car from a dealership, you’ll need a bill of sale. ​Beyond the title, you’ll also need the Odometer Disclosure Statement, which states the mileage at the transfer of ownership. 

What Are the Registration Fees?

Once you own the title, you can either transfer your old car’s registration and license plate to the new one or sign up at your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles for new coverage. If you opt for the latter, registration fees are $34.50 for passenger cars and vary for trucks and other vehicles. To transfer the old registration and license plate, you just have to pay a $4.50 processing fee.    

Should I Be Aware of Any Special Requirements?

If you plan to register the car in an e-check county, you’ll need documented proof that it passed an EPA emissions check. In Ohio, testing is required every two years to keep registration. 

To learn more about used cars available in Cincinnati, or to discuss financing options, call (513) 821-3010 today. Visit Alford Motors online to find a dealership near you, and like them on Facebook for announcements. 

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