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A Brief History of Locksmiths June 14, 2017

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
A Brief History of Locksmiths, Brooklyn, New York

If you traced the history of locksmiths back to its beginnings, you’d find an ancient pin tumbler in Babylon and Egypt around 2000 B.C. While locks have seen many improvements over the years, there has always been a need for a skilled professional with the tools and the knowledge to create keys and repair locks. To help you understand the roots of the trade and see the progress that’s been made, A 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY, has created a brief guide to the history of locksmiths.

Ancient Locksmiths

While there is proof that locks have existed for thousands of years, the oldest lock that has been found in the world dates back to 704 B.C. The earliest form of the locksmith would’ve been an individual who could prevent the free movement of the wooden bar used to seal a door shut. By creating a lock and key system completely made from wood, people could monitor entryways at all times.

Medieval Locksmiths

locksmithThe modern-day locksmith was born out of the trade of blacksmiths, who were responsible for engineering tools and weapons out of steel and iron. By using heat and heavy equipment, they could create a mechanism that required the use of a specially cut key. This would’ve been used during the Middle Ages to keep enemies and burglars out of homes and businesses.

Contemporary Locksmiths

By way of the Industrial Revolution, the contemporary locksmith came into existence. In the 19th century, locks stopped being made on a customized basis, and they were slowly mass-produced by large companies and then sold at stores to consumers. The trade for the locksmith changed as well; instead of creating customized keys, they were called upon to install, repair, and maintain these industrial locks and keys.

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