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Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer Following a Collision June 12, 2017

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Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer Following a Collision , High Point, North Carolina

Now that summer is here, you can expect to see more semitrucks on the roads around you. The warmer months are perfect for shipping goods cross-country because road conditions are more favorable. Unfortunately, with this additional traffic comes an increased risk of collisions. Accidents between semitrucks and passenger vehicles can be devastating, and serious injuries can occur. If you were hurt in a crash that was not your fault, a truck accident lawyer from Hill & Hovis in High Point, NC, will help you explore your options for pursuing compensation.

What a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

Determine Liability

truck accident lawyerThe legal team at Hill & Hovis knows all of the federal regulations that trucking companies must comply with when transporting cargo. A thorough understanding of these regulations is essential when it comes to determining liability and building a strong case against the responsible party.

Prove Fault

To file a successful truck accident claim, you must prove that your injuries occurred as a direct result of the other party’s reckless or negligent behavior. Proving that the trucker or transportation company failed to abide by specific federal regulations is one of the most common ways to demonstrate such negligence, but it requires knowledge of the relevant traffic and transport laws, which is where your attorney comes in.

Secure Compensation

The ultimate goal of any truck accident claim is to secure compensation for the damages incurred. If you hire a seasoned law firm to represent you, they will help you calculate a reasonable settlement amount and prevent you from accepting anything that is less than fair. If the other party is unwilling to negotiate a fair settlement, your attorney may then recommend trying the case before a jury in the state. 

If you want to file an injury claim against a negligent trucker, turn to Hill & Hovis in High Point. A truck accident lawyer from their firm will help you determine liability for the collision and secure compensation for your injuries. To explore the firm’s experience in wrongful death and personal injury law, visit their website, and call (336) 883-6000 to schedule a consultation today. If you are still recovering and can’t leave the hospital or your home, they will be happy to come to you.