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The 4 Most Important Qualities of a Good Family Dentist June 28, 2017

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The 4 Most Important Qualities of a Good Family Dentist, Ewa, Hawaii

If you are searching for a good family dentist, it is important to look for a few qualities that ensure your practitioner has the skills needed to treat patients of all ages. Dr. Claude N. Tamura, D.D.S., and his staff at Island Dental Group in Aiea, HI, are committed to providing the best preventative and restorative care on Oahu. To help patients find the ideal dental professional, they offer this list of important characteristics to consider. 

1. Enthusiasm 

Quality family dentists are passionate about their profession and eager to pass their knowledge to children, teens, adults, and seniors. Whether they are administering teeth cleanings, treating patients for sleep apnea, or performing teeth whitening procedures, dentists should be excited about oral health and its connection to your body and mind. People are more likely to keep up with regular visits and follow treatment plans when they know their oral health team cares about their work and patients. 

2. Attentiveness

A patient’s mouth is a tiny space with many important, delicate parts including the gums, jaw, and teeth. The best dentists are highly detail-oriented, which means they are less likely to make errors and more likely to remember each patient’s health history. This ensures for better long-term care and less risk during routine or cosmetic procedures. 

3. Compassion

dentist Aiea HISince family dentists treat people of all ages, it is important that they are also compassionate. Whether they are treating a young child or busy working adult, they must have a keen understanding of everyone’s challenges and expectations, so they can conduct exams and procedures in a gentle yet effective way.

4. Trustworthiness 

A reliable dentist is experienced, ethical, and trustworthy. They have a positive reputation in the community, do not push unnecessary treatments, and can always be counted on to handle routine appointments and emergencies calmly and professionally. 

Finding the right dentist ensures your family will get the care they need at every life stage, from forming good habits as a child to maintaining a strong, healthy smile through adulthood. To make an appointment with one of the leading practices in Aiea, call Island Dental Group at (808) 484-4470. For more information about their family and cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening and sleep apnea treatments, visit their website

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