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Foundation Repair Company’s Guide to Soil Stabilization June 26, 2017

Louisville, Jefferson
Foundation Repair Company’s Guide to Soil Stabilization, Louisville, Kentucky

Soil stabilization is the process of strengthening soil to support the weight of construction on the surface. Oftentimes, stabilization also helps keep soil from swelling from environmental conditions such as heat and moisture. The Dwyer Company is an Ohio and Kentucky contractor specializing in soil stabilization, foundation repair, and waterproofing. 

Below, the contractors share their guide to stabilize soil for building projects. Here are three methods used by The Dwyer Company: 

Cement Stabilization

Cement is often combined with other substances and then added to soil to help make it denser and more robust. Unlike shotcrete, which is liquid concrete sprayed on top of a surface, dry cement is mixed in with soil, and combined with chemicals, like water and lime. Then, the soil— cement mixture is compacted, making the land more suitable for building. Without stabilized soil, the building will be more likely to sink, making it prone to issues requiring slabjacking or foundation repair work.

Helical Piles

foundation reapirAnother way to stabilize soil, often used by The Dwyer Company, is using helical piles. These are foundation supports driven deep into the soil using a rotary action and then surrounded by concrete. Once installed, helical piles create an extremely sturdy underpinning. This allows large building projects to take place on top of soil that would have otherwise been too unstable to support them.


This method of soil stabilization uses a powerful, high-pressure injector to pump chemicals into the soil, causing it to become harder and denser. It’s ideal for soil with low permeability because it pumps a mixture of substances into the ground that binds with soil particles. The Dwyer Company uses a fleet of custom-built pump vehicles and a team of grouting specialists to accommodate any size project.

If you need help with soil compaction on your construction site, call the The Dwyer Company location nearest you for a free estimate. With one location in West Chester, OH, at (513) 777-0998, one in Lexington, KY, at (859) 231-0998, and one in Louisville at (502) 489-5438, they are ready to get to work on all your soil compaction, foundation repair, and shotcrete needs. Visit the website to learn more about helical piles and their other soil compaction methods.

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