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3 Tips on Planning Alzheimer's Care for a Loved One June 27, 2017

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3 Tips on Planning Alzheimer's Care for a Loved One, Ville Platte, Louisiana

When someone you love develops dementia, you want to provide the best Alzheimer’s care possible. Without prior experience with the disease, you may not know how to address symptoms and promote the well-being of your loved one. Village De Memoire in Ville Platte, LA, provides assisted living to individuals who need affordable housing. They used their expertise to provide these three tips on planning Alzheimer’s care to get you started:

1. Involve Your Loved One

Alzheimer's careAlthough the your loved one may be experiencing memory loss, that doesn't mean their wants and needs aren't worth discussing. Involve your family member in decision-making like choosing lunch options. If the person is just starting to lose their memory, include them in talks about making the transition to memory care or assisted living. It’s important to empower them so they have some control over their lives at a time when they may not feel in charge.

2. Make Plans Early

The progression of the disease varies from person to person. It’s important to help your loved one make life plans while they are aware. Talk about wishes, Alzheimer’s care options, who to appoint with power of attorney, and what will happen with their estate when they pass.

3. Keep Their Best Interest in Mind

It can be hard to bring up the subject of moving your loved one into a retirement home, even if the person is beginning to lose their memory. Just make sure you are keeping your family member’s best interest in mind. That may mean having a serious talk about the reasons you think they’ll be safer and happier in a senior nursing facility. Explain your thoughts, and your good intentions will show through.


Alzheimer’s care can be time-consuming and emotionally draining, but some resources can help. Talk to the staff at Village De Memoire to learn about helping your loved one with dementia. Visit the website or call (337) 363-5992 to learn about their elder care facilities and services.

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