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How Zoning Boosts Air Conditioning System Comfort June 15, 2017

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How Zoning Boosts Air Conditioning System Comfort, Goshen, New York

Amid the scorching summer heat in Goshen, NY, it can be difficult to keep every person in your home cool and comfortable. Some people prefer a cold environment, while others want just a little air to take the edge off. If your family is constantly fighting over the thermostat, then a zoned air conditioning system may be for you. The experts at Jones Services have a variety of models designed to improve comfort in every room, for every person in your home.

Central HVAC systems have been the norm in American households for years. Centralized systems run on one thermostat to heat or cool the entire home. While these are simple and reliable, they lack the customizable control people want. Basement dwellers often need less air than those upstairs, for example, but a central HVAC system isn’t equipped to alter the temperature on a room-by-room or floor-by-floor basis.

air-conditioning-systemMeanwhile, zoning allows you to divide your home into distinct areas. Whether you want to divide up your home by bedrooms or floors, this ensures that each area is cooled to the precise temperature you desire. If your daughter likes a warmer bedroom, but you prefer a cool living room, zoning keeps everyone satisfied.

Furthermore, zoning can actually save you money on your energy bill. When you’re sleeping, you’re not using many areas in your home, including living areas, the kitchen, and the dining room. Rather than wasting energy on cooling these areas, you can switch off certain zones while still maintaining optimal comfort in the bedroom.  

At home, you deserve to be comfortable. When you invest in a state-of-the-art zoned air conditioning system, you can finally say goodbye to a stifling upstairs and freezing downstairs. Instead, you’ll remain calm, cool, and luxuriously comfortable, all year long. Learn more about the variety of zoned cooling and heating systems on the market when you visit Jones Services in Goshen. Call today at (845) 294-1010 to speak to a helpful professional. You may also visit the company’s website.