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3 Signs You Should Visit a Pain Management Specialist June 13, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Signs You Should Visit a Pain Management Specialist, Queens, New York

If you are a fairly active person, minor pain and discomfort are typically normal. Persistent or severe pain, however, is not. If you need relief, turn to a pain management specialist at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Forest Hills, NY. Below, their health care team shares a few signs that you should make an appointment with a pain management specialist sooner rather than later.

3 Signs a Pain Management Expert Is Needed

1. You Feel Pain Whenever You Perform a Specific Motion

If you feel pain or discomfort whenever you do a certain motion or series of motions, it could be indicative of an injury or an underlying condition. A pain management doctor will pinpoint the cause of the pain by assessing your symptoms and implementing an effective approach to treat the issue at the root of the problem.

2. You Feel Radiating Pain Accompanied by Numbness & Tingling

pain management Radiating pain, or pain that is accompanied by tingling and numbness, can quickly become debilitating. In these kinds of scenarios, it is best to visit a specialist and treat the pain as soon as possible. Otherwise, the pain might become so severe that your mobility is limited.

3. You Feel Severe Pain If You Do Not Take Any Medication

If you rely on pain medication to make it through the day, you are merely treating symptoms without addressing their underlying cause. Although your treatment plan might include pain medication, your doctor will prescribe it in a safe, regulated way while simultaneously treating the root of the problem.

If you suffer from chronic or debilitating pain, turn to Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Forest Hills for diagnosis and treatment. Visit their website to explore their full range of health care services, including skin care screening and diabetes management, and call (718) 275-8900 to make an appointment with a pain management specialist today.

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