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3 Signs You Should Consider Senior Care Services June 26, 2017

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3 Signs You Should Consider Senior Care Services, Lincoln, Nebraska

Introducing the idea of senior care to a loved one is difficult. They may feel sad, angry, or be dismissive, but in many cases, it’s in their best interests. Recognizing and pointing out warning signs is the first step, according to the elderly care staff at Keep ‘Em Home Personal Care Services in Lincoln, NE. Identifying the kind of help your loved one needs will allow you to build the right home care assistance plan, so look for the signs below.

3 Signs You Should Consider Senior Care Services for a Loved One

1. Consistent Anger & Stress

Life can be overwhelming at any age, but if you notice your loved one is dealing with constant stress, senior care may be necessary. Stress can arise from many things, ranging from frustration with daily tasks to a general anger over getting older. This is not only unhealthy, but also a sign they’re having difficulty living on their own. Talk with them about the causes. Senior care services may be able to solve or assist with many.

2. Loneliness

senior careOld age can be lonely. When friends and spouses pass away, this leaves many people feeling isolated and can have negative health effects. If you notice your loved one isn’t leaving the house, appears depressed, or shows clear signs of inactivity, ask if they’re lonely. Care companions are a great way to give them company throughout the day. They can help with tasks or simply be there for conversation. Either way, the companionship will help.

3. Declining Health

Whether it’s poor hygiene, drastic weight loss, or the onset of a serious medical condition, any decline in health calls for care. The signs are usually obvious, and although you may be able to help, you can’t devote every waking hour to watching over a loved one. Specialized senior care services can handle many of these issues when you’re away. Meal preparation, medication reminders, and assistance with bathing are just a few of the wellness advantages they provide that will help your loved one live better.

Senior care services are a great alternative to nursing homes or senior communities and allow your loved one to maintain their independence. The compassionate staff at Keep ‘Em Home Personal Care Services offers a variety of services built to allow your loved one to live more comfortably the way they choose. Call (402) 937-7000 to speak with their friendly staff, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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