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Home & Garden Tips: Applying Weed Killer June 26, 2017

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Home & Garden Tips: Applying Weed Killer, Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Summer is the season to embrace your home and garden, promoting plant growth and lasting beauty. When it comes to your garden, weed killer is a useful tool for achieving a lush, green outdoor space. Absorbed through leaves, weed killer destroys unattractive growth at its source, helping your landscape look fresh all season long. As a one-stop shop offering everything from seasonal supplies to craft beer and groceries, the experts at Nekoosa, WI’s Pritzl's Trading Post offer home and garden tips to apply weed killer properly.

When to Apply Weed Killer

There are two types of weed killer: granular and liquid. Since both are equally effective, the type you choose is up to you. Before you spread the chemical, watch the weather report. You should plan application around a rainfall so that grass is cool and fresh. Avoid hot, dry days, as that prevents the chemical from properly soaking in and destroying your weeds. 

After application, ensure that grass stays damp. Proper moisture levels ensure that weed killer is easily absorbed into the leaves. This is another reason why watching the weather is important; the last thing you want is to go through application and face a major rainfall after. Rain will wash off any chemicals before they’re absorbed, making reapplication necessary.

How to Apply Weed Killer

home and gardenOnce you’re aware of the proper time to apply, you need to know the proper process; it’s simpler than it seems and will keep your landscape looking wonderful. First, avoid mowing the lawn before you begin application. If your lawn hasn’t received enough moisture, hit the yard early and apply a light sprinkling of water. Then, start applying the weed killer and avoid self-watering, mowing, and outdoor activity for the next two days. This allows the chemical to sink in deeply, killing off weeds so that the rest of your lawn stays fresh and beautiful all season long.  

Whether you need to grab craft beer, groceries, or fishing supplies, Pritzl’s Trading Post is your go-to destination. They also offer all of the seasonal supplies you need to keep your home and garden looking its best. Visit the website to learn more about their services and supplies, keep updated on Facebook, or call (715) 325-2281 to speak with a staff member today!

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