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The Benefits of Dentures June 28, 2017

Sacramento, Sacramento County
The Benefits of Dentures, Sacramento, California

It isn’t easy going through life without a full set of teeth. Even if you’re only missing a few, it can make normal activities, such as eating and speaking, much harder than usual. This is why many people get fitted for dentures, which restore function to their jaws and let them live life as usual—often with heightened confidence, as well. The office of Ronald L. Rasmussen, DDS, in Sacramento, CA, has fitted many patients for dentures, helping them take back control over their lives. If you’re struggling with tooth loss, they hope you’ll remember you have options.

When Do I Need Dentures?

Most of the time, dentures are recommended when you’re missing teeth and are unable to get dental implants. If you have tooth loss in different areas of your mouth, you’ll probably be fitted for partial dentures. Dentists may also prescribe them if your teeth have deteriorated so much they’re unable to be restored with other procedures and need to be extracted.

How Do Dentures Help?

denturesDentures help people enjoy solid foods and smile more confidently. It’s not just about enjoyment or aesthetics, however—dentures also ensure you get adequate nutrition. People who choose not to wear dentures, for example, may end up avoiding certain foods, such as fibrous vegetables and other foods that are tough to chew, and ultimately suffer from malnutrition. Dentures also restore structure to the face and jaw, which often sag or sink as a result of tooth loss.

If you have missing teeth, schedule an appointment at the office of Ronald L. Rasmussen, DDS. They will recommend the best solution for you, whether that means getting fitted for dentures or a set of dental implants. For more information, call (916) 689-1100, or visit the Sacramento, CA-based general dentistry practice online.

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