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5 Amazing Benefits of E-Cigarettes—50% Off at Smokes 4 Less June 21, 2017

Port Malabar Country Club, Palm Bay
5 Amazing Benefits of E-Cigarettes—50% Off at Smokes 4 Less, Palm Bay, Florida

If you’ve made the decision to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, the team at Smokes 4 Less believes switching to e-cigarettes is a worthwhile alternative. The devices still offer users an authentic smoking experience without the odors and restrictions that come with conventional, tobacco-based products. And until supplies are gone, Smokes 4 Less is currently selling all their e-juices and accessories for 50% off (Florida stores only). Supplies won’t last, so stock up on all your favorite flavors!

Below, the staff at this local smoke shop shares five amazing benefits of using e-cigarettes:

  • e-cigaretteAdjustable Nicotine Levels: Instead of tobacco, e-cigarettes use e-juice to produce vapors and provide the throat sensation you experience while smoking regular cigarettes. If you want to increase or decrease your nicotine content, you can adjust the levels without changing the flavor.
  • Less Money: Depending on your location, buying a pack of cigarettes can be expensive. In larger cities like New York, products cost $10.50 or more, making it a costly habit for heavy smokers. Luckily, some e-cigarettes are reusable, which makes them the more cost-effective option. Eventually, you will have to swap out the juice or vapor cartridge for new equipment. 
  • No Lingering Odors: E-cigarette vapors don’t have a heavy smoke smell, so you can enjoy an odor-free smoking experience. You won’t have to worry about smells lingering in the air or getting trapped in clothes and furniture. 
  • Less Mess: Smoke residue can stain teeth and fingers, while ashes land on any nearby surface. E-cigarettes don’t burn paper, so post-smoke clean-up isn’t required. You also won’t have to look around for an ashtray.  
  • No Fear of Fires: E-cigarettes don’t use an open flame to heat their vaping liquid, so you won’t run the risk of causing a fire while using the device. 

To learn more about the e-cigarettes, RYO smokes, rolling machines, discounts, and additional smoking accessories available , Visit Smokes 4 Less online to sign up for their loyalty program and receive special offers, and like them on Facebook for updates. Don’t pass up this amazing sale at all Florida Smokes 4 Less shops: take advantage of 50% off all e-juices and accessories today!

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