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Colorado Drywall Company Reveals 5 Tools That Are Essential for Completing DIY Drywall Projects June 8, 2017

South Thornton, West Adams
Colorado Drywall Company Reveals 5 Tools That Are Essential for Completing DIY Drywall Projects , West Adams, Colorado

When you decide to take on any home improvement task yourself, proper preparation is key to successful completion. One of the most important steps in planning is making sure you have the correct tools for the job. This is especially true in the case of drywall work. Drywall projects require a few specialized tools that you likely don’t have laying around the house. As the leading drywall company in Thornton, CO, Marquez Drywall has helped numerous home and business owners achieve high-grade drywall installations and repairs.

Below, the drywall company reveals some of the top tools to invest in for your DIY projects:

  • Drywall T-Square: These provide the straight edge you will need to make precise cuts and accurate measurements. It simplifies the cutting process by allowing you to cut the total width of a sheet of drywall without having to stop and start again.
  • Sanding Pole: In most cases, it will be necessary to smooth out the surface to get rid of any imperfections. A sanding pole will help you produce the most even and consistent finish. Its length will give you the ability to easily reach high spots and maneuver around corners and angles. 
  • drywall companyDrywall Saw: Drywall saws are a type of handsaw that is designed to smoothly cut through sheets of drywall. There are a few different varieties available, but each will work to cleanly cut through the material and stay on track without much effort on your end.
  • Utility Knife: Drywall companies utilize utility knives to cut through the face of the paper. This will score the panel before you snap it into place. Retractable blades are recommended over fixed blades for safety and stability reasons.
  • Screw Gun: Screw guns are useful for driving the screws below the surface of drywall sheets. They save a considerable amount of time when hanging drywall, keeping the process from taking too long.

Using the correct tools will make a significant difference in the outcome of your drywall project. If you decide you would rather have the job taken care of by a professional drywall company that already has the best tools on the market, contact Marquez Drywall at (720) 257-8864. You can also visit them online to learn more about their drywall services.

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