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3 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change June 15, 2017

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3 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change, Anchorage, Alaska

Oil keeps your engine running smoothly, so if you want your vehicle to remain in excellent condition, pay attention to performance. If you notice anything unusual, it might be time for auto service.

Below, Anchorage, AK’s McClain's Car Doctor shares three key signs you need an oil change. 

1. Slow Acceleration

Your car should speed up at a similar pace each time you crank the engine, operating smoothly and comfortably. If you notice that acceleration is slowing, you need an oil change. Depending on how long you’ve waited, engine repair might also be necessary. Old oil won’t properly lubricate your engine’s moving parts, so if your vehicle isn’t running smoothly, head in for auto service. 

2. Knocking Noises

While many vehicle owners tend to ignore knocking, don’t make the same mistake. Your car mechanic will diagnose the issue, likely a result of old, dirty, or low-quality oil. These noises are easy to notice while driving. If it sounds like you’re running over rocks, it’s time for an oil change.

3. An Idling Engine

auto serviceIdling engines cause a bouncy feel while they’re running, even if you’re parked in the driveway. Your vehicle might also start shaking when you hit the highway, which is a sign of dirty oil. Since this oil can’t lubricate rings and bearings properly, you’ll notice increased friction and rough driving when you rev up your engine. 

Since excellent auto service is the key to a well-oiled machine, trust in the team at McClain’s Car Doctor. From engine and brake repair to regular tune-ups, there’s no task too big or too small for these experts. Visit Anchorage’s premier auto shop on Facebook to keep up to date, or call (907) 272-3287 to schedule your service appointment today!

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