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Dog Grooming Advice: How Frequently to Bathe & Brush Your Canine June 26, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Dog Grooming Advice: How Frequently to Bathe & Brush Your Canine , Manhattan, New York

Regular dog grooming is essential to maintaining your canine’s appearance and health. According to Pet Fashion & Grooming, there are a few factors to consider when deciding how frequently to bathe and brush your pet. Based in New York City, the doggy day care, animal clinic, and pet supplies store is committed to keeping a wide range of animals healthy, happy, active, and looking their best.

If you’re not sure how frequently to wash and brush your canine’s coat, follow these tips from New York City’s dog grooming specialists:  

  • dog groomingBrushing: You should give your dog a thorough brushing at least once or twice a week. Most love the extra attention, and it gives owners the opportunity to examine changes in hair texture, check for parasites, and inspect for skin rashes. If you have a puppy, start brushing them while they’re still young. This way, they’ll get used to the routine. To prevent injury or discomfort, use soft-bristle brushes on short-haired dogs and medium- to-hard-bristle brushes on breeds with longer hair. 
  • Regular Bathing: Daily bathing is essential for good hygiene in humans, but it can actually harm your pet. Too many baths will dry out their skin and cause inflammation. If your pup is moderately active, schedule a bath with a dog groomer once a month. They are trained in the best ways to cleanse your pet without causing discomfort. If your pooch spends most of the time playing outdoors, more frequent trips to the groomer could be necessary.
  • Seasonal Grooming: Dogs shed in the spring and summer, and some breeds require more TLC during seasonal changes. Breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers, Boston Terriers, and Greyhounds have single coats. They lose their short hairs more frequently during this time of the year. You can keep their coats healthy with regular brushing. Breeds with double coats, such as Pomeranians and German Shepherds, have coarse outer coats and softer hair closer to their skin. They will shed most of the undercoat, so take them for professional hair trimming once a month to cut down on matting. 

To schedule a dog grooming appointment in New York City, call Pet Fashion & Grooming at (347) 726-9409 today. A friendly team member will give you tips to keep your animal calm during their appointment. You can also book a session with them online.  

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