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Immigration Law Update: DHS Extends TPS for Haitian Nationals June 8, 2017

Financial District, Manhattan
Immigration Law Update: DHS Extends TPS for Haitian Nationals, Manhattan, New York

Since the devastating earthquake in 2010, Haitian nationals have been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which provides protection from deportation until conditions in their homeland improve. This benefit was previously scheduled to expire on July 22nd, 2017, after which Haitians enrolled in the program would be required to return home. However, the Department of Homeland Security recently issued an immigration law update that extends TPS for an additional six months.

immigration lawAccording to a statement issued by Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly, the Haitian government has made considerable progress in rebuilding after the earthquake, which makes terminating the program after the new January 2nd, 2018 deadline more likely. The statement specifically mentions the continuous growth of the Haitian economy and the fact that 96% of displaced persons have now left the camps established for their protection.

While immigration law officials have stated they will review TPS for Haitians before the current program ends, they also encourage those enrolled in the program to use the additional six months to arrange their affairs in the United States, including attaining travel documents and making necessary plans to leave the country.

Some Haitians currently enrolled in the TPS program may qualify for additional immigration benefits and may be able to stay in the country under a different program. Those individuals may wish to speak to an immigration attorney who can review their current situation, identify any paths through which they may be able to legally remain in the U.S., and help guide them through the process.



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