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What Is the Timeline for Window Installation? June 7, 2017

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What Is the Timeline for Window Installation?, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

New windows can increase the value of your home while helping you save money on your energy bill, but quality window installation is vital to their effectiveness. While the process can vary from home to home, the window installation specialists from Gales Ferry, CT’s Premo & Son’s Home Improvement have a general timeline so that you’ll know what to expect from consultation to installation.

The Window Installation Timeline


Once you’ve decided to install new windows in your home, you’ll want to reach out to a contractor for an estimate. The consultation will involve the contractor examining and measuring the windows in your home and offering you installation options and pricing based on what they find. This consultation should take about two or three hours. 

Measuring & Ordering

Window InstallationOnce you’ve made your choice of windows, the contractor will come back to your home and spend a couple more hours taking precise measurements of every window being replaced. Those measurements are sent off to a manufacturer. Approximately four to six weeks later, your new windows will be ready for installation.

Installation Day & After

A skilled installer will take about 30 minutes to place a single window, which means your installation will likely be done in a single day. Many contractors will schedule a follow-up inspection about a week after installation to ensure that the windows are sealed correctly and functioning as they should. 

The overall timetable for installation will vary based on the number of windows in your home, but the general time frame is about five to seven weeks. When you weigh the benefits, those new windows will be worth the wait. Visit Premo & Son’s Home Improvement online to learn more about their window installation and home remodeling services, or call them at (860) 770-2331 to speak with one of the friendly, knowledgeable associates. 

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