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Dental Hygienist, Lori Cackovic, Attends the 94th Annual ADHA Conference June 14, 2017

Westminster, Adams
Dental Hygienist, Lori Cackovic, Attends the 94th Annual ADHA Conference, Westminster, Colorado

Lori Cackovic, BSDH, RDH, takes dental hygiene very seriously. As the owner of Smile Rockers, based in Westminster, CO, she focuses on helping patients understand oral health and improve their habits. This year, the dental professional will be attending the 94th annual American Dental Hygienists’ Association conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Taking place from June 14th through June 19th, the ADHA conference is designed to help dental hygiene professionals advance their careers as they participate in a wide range of interactive workshops, listen to experienced speakers, and attend seminars. Thousands of hygienists from all over the country attend this illustrious event that helps them develop their skills, learn about new industry advancements, and network with fellow professionals.

Events include in-depth courses on vital dental topics, ranging from gingivitis and flossing to oral cancer exams and tooth decay. Notable speakers provide informative lectures about crucial subjects that relate to oral care. This year’s subjects include the connection between cardiovascular disease and dental hygiene; information for dental sales presentations; the importance of professionalism in dental and medical fields; and providing compassionate health care to vulnerable members of society.

As one of the most passionate dental hygiene professionals in the community, Lori Cackovic is delighted to attend the ADHA conference and bring back valuable lessons and information that will help improve patients’ lives and oral health. She is committed not only to her patients, but also to lifelong learning. Through this passion, she will ensure that Smile Rockers stays on top of industry advancements while providing patients with the necessary care and personalized attention they need.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment to discuss your oral health and improve your well-being, turn to the dental hygiene professionals at Smile Rockers in Westminster, CO. You can visit their website to learn more about their extensive services, including teeth whitening, fluoride treatments, and oral exams. 

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