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How Apligraf® Treats Diabetic Foot Ulcers June 23, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
How Apligraf® Treats Diabetic Foot Ulcers , Manhattan, New York

Individuals with diabetes cope with a wide variety of symptoms, including diabetic foot ulcers. These open lesions can be uncomfortable, but they don’t have to interfere with the patient’s quality of life. At Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan, Dr. Ronald Lev, MD, performs a broad range of treatments for diabetics who have concerns about leg pain, vein care, and foot problems.

Manhattan, NY diabetic foot ulcerOne of the most widely regarded treatments for diabetic foot ulcers is Apligraf®. It’s a revolutionary method that uses cells derived from healthy human skin. The material is applied directly to the lesion, covered with a non-adhesive product, and wrapped to secure it. A doctor must regularly change the dressing and monitor the wound as it improves.

This therapy works because it generates a process that diabetic systems cannot always perform. The Apligraf® material includes a layer of epithelial cells and an inner layer of cells that is found within the body’s collagen. This skin-like product helps when a diabetic’s body does not produce the proteins needed to stimulate natural wound healing.

Dr. Lev may suggest and prescribe Apligraf® as a solution for patients who suffer from stubborn diabetic foot ulcers. It may also be used for vein care, including venous leg ulcers. To ensure its success, you may be advised to stay off your feet and allow your wound to heal. You may also choose to wear comfortable footwear to protect your feet.

If you have diabetes and are concerned about leg pain or foot issues, turn to Dr. Lev at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan. Visit their website to learn more about diabetic foot ulcer treatments or give them a call at (212) 204-6501 to schedule an appointment.

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