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How Jewelers Use Computer Aided Design August 5, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
How Jewelers Use Computer Aided Design, Manhattan, New York

Modern technology is continually changing the way industries operate, and jewelry is no exception. With the advent of computer aided design, or CAD systems, jewelry manufacturers are able to produce precisely customized pieces that can be fine-tuned before production. To achieve this, the jeweler first creates a 3-D digital model and prints it using specialized metal printing equipment. Frank Billanti Casting Co. in New York, NY, uses computer aided design in their manufacturing process because it offers some key benefits.


Computer Aided DesignBy rendering the design digitally and bringing it to life through 3-D printing, jewelers are able to produce pieces to precise custom specifications regarding size, shape, and weight. They're also able to zoom in on the design and make minute modifications to the piece.


Before a custom design is printed, the jeweler will check it with the customer to ensure it looks as intended. If small changes need to be made, that can be done digitally without scrapping the rest of the design. The system also allows for size changes, alteration of settings for different stones, and a multitude of other adjustments made quickly and easily.


Once a computer aided design is completed, the machinery can print as many copies of the piece as necessary. Design elements can also be copied from one piece to another for matching jewelry sets, and designs can be sent to any location that uses the same software system. This allows a popular jewelry set to be distributed easily, or a custom order to be remade if lost.

If you'd like to know more about how Frank Billanti Casting Co. uses this revolutionary technology, or if you're interested in a custom design, contact them today with any questions. You can reach them at (212) 221-0440, or explore their website to learn more.


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