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3 Signs Your Retaining Wall Needs Repairs or Replacement June 20, 2017

East Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Signs Your Retaining Wall Needs Repairs or Replacement, Hamilton, Ohio

A beautifully maintained landscape depends on small parts that create the big picture. Many outdoor spaces feature retaining walls, which contain soil on sloped areas to prevent erosion and create terraces for flowerbeds and other landscaping. These structures must be sturdy to do their job, but they sometimes suffer problems that require repairs or replacement.

Consider these signs it’s time to hire a landscape maintenance company to inspect your retaining wall:

  • Material Failure: If your retaining wall is made of wood, it eventually will rot due to exposure to rain and snow. This is a common problem because the wall is in constant contact with moist soil. If you live in an area that receives heavy precipitation, have a landscape design professional repair or rebuild the wall with pressure-treated wood that withstands the elements better.
  • Hamilton, OH retaining wallRoot Damage: Aggressive roots can cause problems as they grow and expand their reach underground. Roots can maneuver below the foundation of a retaining wall in search of moisture, infiltrating crevices and causing the structure to buckle under pressure.
  • Inadequate Drainage: Moisture control plays a critical role in the longevity of a retaining wall. Water must drain away from the barrier so it doesn’t seep into the masonry, which eventually would make the structure crumble and fall. A custom landscaping professional can create a drainage system that moves water a safe distance away.

Working with a landscape maintenance company is the best way to ensure your retaining wall is installed correctly and stays strong. The perfect structure will help you make the best use of your yard and add a touch of elegance to your residential landscaping layout.


Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, is the leading landscape design source in the greater Cincinnati area. If you want to have your retaining wall inspected, repaired, or replaced, call (513) 868-1828 to speak with a company representative. Visit their website to learn more about their residential and commercial landscape services, including mulch and brick paver installation.

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