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3 Reasons Your Water Heater Runs Out of Hot Water June 21, 2017

Downtown Eagle River, Anchorage
3 Reasons Your Water Heater Runs Out of Hot Water, Anchorage, Alaska

Running out of hot water seems to happen at the most inopportune times. If you've had to cut your showers shorter or modify your dish washing lately, the experts at Extreme Heating and Air suggest having a professional examine at your water heater. For years, they've provided dedicated HVAC and plumbing services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Eagle River, AK.

3 Reasons Your Heater Isn’t Producing Hot Water

Tiny Tank

water heaterYour water heater should be the correct size for your property. If you've just moved in or your family has expanded, the water heater may be unable to hold a sufficient amount of heated water for everyone. By calculating the peak hour demand and determining the first-hour rating (FHR), a plumbing and HVAC professional can help you find the right sized heater.

Sediment Buildup

Minerals such as calcium carbonate, are present in the water. Gradually, they accumulate and form sediment. When there's too much of it, it takes up space in your water heater. This can be easily solved by having a professional flush the tank. Depending on how frequently this occurs, you may also want to consider having a water softener installed.

Broken Dip Tube

The water heater dip tube is responsible for sending cold water down to the heating element. If it's broken, not only will you find small plastic pieces in strainers, filter screens, and the shower head, you'll also be getting a shot of cold water. If this happens, it will need to be replaced, but that’s easy for a plumbing & HVAC technician to do.

If you're experiencing any of these common water heater problems, Extreme Heating and Air can help. Whether you need a full replacement or a simple repair, they'll get the job done. To request a quote or schedule an appointment, call them today at (907) 726-1805 or visit their website.

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