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What You Need to Know About Laying Sod June 6, 2017

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What You Need to Know About Laying Sod, Green Bay, Wisconsin

To grow grass from seed takes a great deal of work and care, and it can take months to get the lush, full lawn you seek. By contrast, laying sod takes only hours, and it becomes fully established within a few weeks. If you’re unsure about the sod-laying process, Broz Property Solutions, the premier handyman service in Green Bay, WI, offers answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQs About Laying Sod

What Type of Soil Does Sod Require?

New sod grows best in loose, aerated, nutrient-rich soil with a pH of between 6 and 6.5. If the soil has a high clay content, for instance, sand should be added while turning the soil to make it loose enough for the roots to take hold.

How Do You Prepare to Lay Sod?

SodAbout eight weeks before installation, the area should be clear of rocks, debris, and stumps. Apply 2 inches of topsoil, and mix with 4 inches of compost. Add a fertilizer high in phosphorus content, tamp the soil with your feet or a lawn roller, and water the area completely to settle the fertilizer and compost.

How Do You Start Laying Sod?

Before laying the first roll, moisten the soil again. Find a straight area, next to a house wall or driveway, for instance, to give you a guide for unrolling the sod. Slowly and carefully unroll the sod, and pat down any bumps, wrinkles, or air pockets. 

How Do You Join Rows & Ends?

When you add additional rolls to the ends or sides of already laid sod, overlap them a bit and press the edges together to avoid gaps. Stagger the rolls the way bricklayers stagger masonry. This strengthens the sod structure and minimizes joint lengths.

How Often Should You Water?

Water the sod within half an hour of installation and every day after for a week. During the second week, water every other day, and, in the third week, water twice. After that, make sure it receives an inch of rainfall or irrigation each week.

For help with your sod installation, contact Broz Property Solutions. They are the most experienced remodeling and handyman service in Green Bay and can help you transform your indoor or outdoor spaces and bring your home improvement ideas to life. Visit their website for contact info and directions, or call (920) 562-3187 to speak with a friendly, helpful expert about sod installation.

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