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Driving Under the Influence May 30, 2017

Groton, New London
Driving Under the Influence, Groton, Connecticut

During the holidays one’s exposure to a traffic stop is greatly increased.  Juxtapose this with a little celebration that might involve drinking, and now you are at risk of an arrest for driving while intoxicated.  The effectiveness of the arrest and whether or not you need a lawyer will often be based on two things, whether or not “blew” over a .08 on the test device or whether or not you refused the test, all in combination with field tests administered at the time of the stop.  If the officer thinks you failed the field test and takes you in, and then you blow over .08 or refuse the test, you are now faced with going to Criminal Court for a DUI aka DWI charge, and also a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles.  If convicted you are faced with possible jail time, loss of license and the placement of an interlock device in your car in order to operate.  If you live in New London County and are stopped in Groton, Waterford, Montville, Norwich, Jewett City, Stonington, Ledyard, Preston and other near-by towns, please feel free to give Mark O. Grater, an attorney for persons arrested for DUI, a call at 860-449-8059 for a free consultation.

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