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Kitchen vs. Bathroom Remodeling: What Boosts Your Property's Value More? June 19, 2017

Kailua, Koolaupoko
Kitchen vs. Bathroom Remodeling: What Boosts Your Property's Value More?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Buying a house is one of many major financial investments you’re going to make, so it’s imperative to boost its value with the right remodeling services. However, deciding whether to get bathroom or kitchen remodeling done is a challenge most homeowners face. If you’re looking to prioritize renovation services on the basis of their marketability, the pros at R. Clary Builders will help. Offering a comprehensive range of construction solutions to the residents of Kailua, HI, these contractors explain which room should be renovated first and why.

Kitchen vs. Bathroom Remodeling

Profitable Kitchen Renovations

With time and use, it’s not uncommon for your home’s kitchen to acquire a rundown appearance and bring down your home’s market value. If your kitchen looks like it belongs to a 1960s movie set, it’s time to get it remodeled by experienced local contractors. Potential buyers are likely to show interest in a kitchen that sports a modern vibe with sleek decor elements.

Additionally, a kitchen with ample storage space, low-maintenance design, and neutral-colored finish will boost your home’s marketability manifold. Kailua’s most trusted construction experts also consider kitchen remodeling a good opportunity to check out any underlying structural or utility issues.

High-Return Bathroom Redesigns

RemodelingImproving your bathrooms’ appearance and utility is another surefire way to boost your property’s demand in the real estate market. Replacing old wall and floor tiles, fixtures, and lighting will modernize your bathroom and give it a fresh appearance. Experienced home building contractors recommend opting for neutral or pastel decor theme to attract greater buyer interest.

Which of These Renovations Yields Higher Returns?

A 2016 report by "Remodeling" magazine shows that investments in even minor kitchen remodels can boost your home’s value by more than 83%. This is a much higher value than what a regular bathroom upgrade project can help homeowners yield in profit margin.

This impressive boost in market value is only possible if you entrust your kitchen remodeling project to the experienced team at R. Clary Builders. For further information about their property overhaul services, call (808) 263-4463.

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