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5 of the Most Popular Soul Food Ingredients June 9, 2017

Gate District, St. Louis
5 of the Most Popular Soul Food Ingredients, St. Louis, Missouri

No other cuisine comes close to the comfort and homey feeling you get after eating your favorite soul food specialties. The rich, filling flavors of this specialized cookery style come from the ingredients classic soul dishes typically employ. With help from the pros at Ranell's Cafe, you can learn about some popular ingredients and the characteristic touch they add to each dish. Serving up a delightful array of home-style BBQ in their expansive menu, the St. Louis-based restaurant shares a list of popular ingredients the Southern cuisine usually entails.

Top 5 Most-Used Ingredients in Soul Food


Soul food connoisseurs don’t view mayonnaise as a mere condiment to dip their fries in. Instead, they employ mayonnaise as a dressing for the ever-popular potato, egg, and chicken salads, and even as a marinade for BBQ dishes.


Soul FoodAs one of the major crops of the region, corn enjoys a special place in all kinds of local foods. Items like grits, cornmeal, and corn-on-the-cob are considered staple foods by those who specialized in soul-style culinary arts.


This rich, creamy, and slightly tart byproduct of the butter churning process is the secret ingredient for attaining soft cakes, biscuits, and breads. Popular Southern-inspired restaurants use special buttermilk brine to produce perfectly moist fried chicken dishes for their customers.


Pork is hands-down the meat of choice for anyone originating from the South, which explains their penchant for bacon and pulled pork. That also explains why sausage gravy on top of biscuits is a much-loved breakfast item in the region.


Rich pie-crusts and biscuits can’t be attained without using a generous amount of lard in the batter. This solid, white cooking fat is attained from rendering fatty portions of pork, and it adds richness to every dish in which it’s included.

Get a delicious combination of these popular soul food ingredients with the culinary mastery the chefs at Ranell's Cafe display with each of their creations. For further information about their menu, call the St. Louis, MO, eatery at (314) 932-5087, or visit their website.

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